I love my church! We tend to stand out a little and my youngest was squirmy today. Good, but in constant motion. During and after mass, several older people were complementary. It’s so uplifting and reaffirming to hear that they enjoy seeing all of us at mass. It’ll be interesting to see reactions once #6 joins us because I don’t think there are too many large families in our parish.

Allergy season is full force and for whatever reason, oak pollen has been making me go crazy. I’ve been managing with nettles and a supplement from Standard Process, but I will be happy when everything is done making me sneeze.

My new kitchen window is in and siding is almost all up on the back of the house. There’s one more major purge that needs to happen inside, but then house stuff is DONE until something breaks!

The kids are starting to finish some of their homeschooling books! We’ll do math and language arts over the summer, but that’s not a big deal. We’re looking forward to more time outside and with friends.


The Catholic Church

I was raised in the Catholic Church, left for a bit for various reasons, and then finally found a local parish that upholds and preaches proper church doctrine.

I love the Catholic faith.

I love everything about mass.

I love the Catholic teachings about marriage and sex.

I do not, however, love Pope Francis and believe that corruption runs deep within the Vatican.

I’ve read two books that discuss, in depth, Pope Francis. The first, Lost Shepard, is written by Philip Lawler. The second book is called Political Pope by George Neumayr. Both books are worth reading.

The homosexuality that runs rampant and is corrupting the priesthood is disturbing. I’ve known two priests personally that left because of it and a third who talked openly about it. Phil Hobt, a priest who taught religion at the Catholic school I attended, was accused and found guilty of sexual misconduct with a male student in 1997. That was a year before I graduated and it disgusts me that he was simply moved elsewhere with no other consequences for his actions. It was common knowledge among my peers that Father Hobt would invite boys over to his house to play pool and drink alcohol. To know that he abused one of them makes me sick.

The Catholic Church is against homosexuality and child abuse. I’ve read the action plans, but I don’t believe for one second that it’s going to make any bit of difference.

Not only am I troubled by homosexuality and abuse, but I woke up to a headline that read, “Pope Francis announces large donation to caravan migrants stranded in Mexico” The Catholic Church donated $500,000 to migrants trying to illegally enter my country. Awesome. Yes, please pay for the 75,000 migrants to continue to attempt to illegally enter and destroy the United States.

This lead to a conversation between my husband and I that then lead to a bit more investigation on my part.

There is an organization called the Lepanto Institute that I think is worth a look. Michael Hichborn, the founder and president of Lepanto Institute,  has posted several videos and blog posts about the corruption within the Church. He came out with an extensive report that proves that Catholic organizations are funding Marxism, the homosexuality movement, and abortion. What? The Catholic Church is supposed to be against all of those things! Not so!

It’s not out of charity that the Church is funding the caravan. It’s not because of climate change that the Church has sided with the UN. And why in the world is the church that I love funding abortions and contraceptives?! It’s all for globalism, Marxism; to see the fall of Western civilization as we know it.

It sounds like such a conspiracy theory and so radical, but the more I look, the more I open my eyes and the more I want others to wake up.

What can I do? I briefly toyed with the idea of finding or attempting to find another Christian church, but I don’t want to leave Catholicism. My plan right now is to pray, meet with the priest at my church, and hope for some answers for a plan of action.

I will close with this as food for thought.


My house was built in 1854. It’s not one of those neat, old houses with amazing woodwork, but it does have a story. Our house was one of the first houses in our town and was somehow related to the railroad because the kids have found oodles of spikes in the yard through the years.

Last year when we updated the siding and replaced some windows, my husband had to remove a couple of pieces of wood from the original part of the house.

The wood pieces sat in my pantry waiting for inspiration for almost a year. I recently sanded them and found a quote that explains what I hope this house is to my family.

It’s from the Hobbit. I also found a funny quote, although I have no idea of the original author.

I realize it’s upside down, but I’m not tech savvy enough to fix it!

Fish cakes

We eat fish on Fridays during Lent and always have a bunch leftover so every Saturday we have fish cakes!

1 lb or whatever of leftover fish

Two eggs

4 Grated potatoes

Mix and fry in lard, butter, or bacon grease. My kids love these and I like that there are no bread crumbs since we gave up gluten for Lent.

Memory Foam Madness

Our 14 year old mattress finally kicked the bucket. We decided to go with a bed in the box memory foam mattress.


As it turns out, I hate memory foam. The mattress I ordered had glowing reviews. “The best sleep of my life!” “So comfortable!” “Perfect for side sleepers!”

Lies. All lies.

I ordered two mattress toppers. No difference. I tried several different pillows. No difference. I tried it again without mattress toppers. No difference. I added one topper, but not the other. No difference.

I returned the mattress. No difference because I still have to sleep on it, but I do have my money back and that makes me happy.

I was debating about whether to plunk down some serious cash or be my usual cheap self and buy a less expensive mattress. Well, I threw caution to the wind and by April 3rd, I will be sleeping on a non memory foam cloud. Actually, there is a layer of memory foam in the mattress, but it also has many individually wrapped coils of amazingness. I never realized how much I took for granted a good mattress.

Deep Thoughts from the Coop

Nothing says spring like shoveling composted chicken poop out of the coop. I was happy to do it because I added two raised beds to the front yard and the poop will help fill the beds.

It’s funny because life is sometimes like shoveling out the chicken coop. It can be hard and a bit stinky, but by the end, you have made big, positive changes and have found good ways to use the stinky bits.