Week 9

Math: We started the chapter about length and measurement. We discussed centimeter and meter. The kids were terribly bored and Finn claimed it wasn’t math.

History: Finished chapter 8 and a story about Gilgamesh.

Science: We continued our nature study about trees. We read from Nature Connection about changing seasons. We are taking a break from the Burgess Animal Book for Children because the kids think it’s repetitive and not so interesting. I’ll try again later, but I agree with them that this isn’t his most interesting book.

Handwriting: letters q and z and review. Finn did a couple of pages from Explode the Code. I need to order the next Handwriting Without Tears book for him because he hates ETC.

Reading: lots of reading done at bedtime for younger siblings.

School work was a bit spotty again this week because the changing weather has interrupted our flow. We’ll get back into the swing of things soon enough, but as long as the kids are happy and exploring, I am happy.


Fallish Things

Life and nice weather got in the way of school last week. There was still plenty of learning, but nothing formal. I guess you could say we took the week off.

IMG_0508 IMG_0520 IMG_0546 IMG_0504 IMG_0501 IMG_0498 IMG_0494 IMG_0550

Week 7

Things have been a bit slow this week. The kids do not want to sit. They want to MOVE. And fight.

Math: Maeve and Finn both understand how to subtract with renaming or borrowing.

Reading/Lang: Maeve has been reading a lot of books to Oren this week. Finn read a lesson from his McGuffey’s Reader and read part of a tree book. We did a few lessons about proper nouns vs common nouns.

History: We started and finished chapter 6 about Jewish people.

Science: We are studying trees. We measured all of the tree trunks in our yard to figure out the ages of the trees. The kids have become a lot more observant of trees on our walks, which is neat to see. We read about Johnny Chuck in The Burgess Animal Book for Children.

Handwriting: Maeve one page and Finn copied part of the Our Father.

Oren painted this week and did the first two pages from Progressive Phonics Dod the Dog printable book. Oren is not at all interested in letters and sees no reason to know anything about them. He can count to five so that’s something.


Preparing for Storms

IMG_0478  This summer has seen very few storms, however a couple of weeks ago we lost power for four hours from a storm that had high winds. The kids were elated and I carried on with business as usual. I ran tomatoes and grapes through the food mill and I took cooked chicken off the bone. I was happy that we prepare for power outages. Here’s what we keep on hand:

  • Candles. I’m not a smelly candle person, but we have found lots of inexpensive candles at garage sales. We have all kinds of candles and I plan to make some in half pint canning jars.
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights
  • Glow sticks. We filled up an empty milk jug and put a glow stick in the water. The kids thought it was awesome.
  • Food that does not need cooked. We had pizza for supper because it was leftover from lunch.
  • Games. We played Racko.
  • Books. I read a chapter of On the Banks of Plum Creek.
  • Head lamps. Head lamps are not a must-have, but the kids love them.
  • Weather radio. I was surprised to find out that we don’t have one. Or maybe we do and I just couldn’t find it.

We went outside after the storm and my son spotted a double rainbow.


Summer Wrap Up


Lots of snuggles with our newest additions.


Lots of duck feeding and a wee bit of chasing.


Lots of trips to various ponds in search of frogs and fish.


Lots of sleeping baby snuggles.


One fun trip to the amusement park.


Lots of time spent being goofy and enjoying one another.

School, Week 6

We are sort of following Ambleside Online year 2 this year and I like it! It helps keep me on track, even though I use it mostly for Bible, nature study, and book suggestions.

The kids love The Story of Our World for history and I am also enjoying it. We completed chapter five this week.

Maeve and Finn have just started to learn how to subtract with borrowing or renaming as it is called in the Singapore book. They watched the corresponding video on Khan Academy. Maeve really understands adding and carrying over and even explained it to Finn. Finn is better at doing math in his head and it takes a bit of effort for him to work it out on paper.

We read another chapter from the Burgess Animal Book for Children and we also took a nature walk and looked for seeds. Our science is focused on nature this year since that’s what all of the kids are interested in, although today at lunch we had a conversation about the epiglottis which lead to looking at pictures of the digestive system. We are currently studying seeds and trees. We went on a seed walk and it was neat to see how observant the kids were during the walk. I found a couple of good tree books at a local book sale so we’ll work through those the next two weeks.

Finn reads out of his McGuffey’s Reader and Maeve is reading everything except books. She reads my emails over my shoulder, reads all of the signs we pass while driving, reads titles of books, reads words problems in math, and will sometimes read books to her siblings. She still enjoys being read to, but I have a feeling she will soon have the desire for more independent reading. It’s been neat to see her transformation.

Finn finished his handwriting book and I need to order him the next one. Maeve continues to work through cursive and is almost done with lower case letters. Her cursive writing is super fancy and involves a lot of scrolls.